17th JULY 2022




We’ve created the ultimate fitness challenge for the people of Shipston on Stour.

Test your limits of strength, endurance, agility and sheer determination.

Work as part of a team to win the competition.

The TEAMS are essentially pairs. A Dynamic Duo (yes, they did actually type that!) who work together to beat other ‘Pairs’ in this competition. 

The pairs can be mixed but typically M/F, M/M, F/F and the challenges will be set accordingly.

Choose from your besties to take part running the ‘GAUNTLET‘ in the heats. This is a 9 station challenge spanning power exercises, endurance exercises, strength, agility and mixes of them all.

Choose the right person for the job. Don’t choose out of obligation. If you’re way stronger than hubby, leave him at home and partner with your mate from the gym who can bend steel with her bare hands!

Shipston Personal Training base our training ethos around Human Movement Patterns and how to improve them. With Mobility, Stability, Strength and conditioning.

Basically prepare your body to SQUAT, LIFT, PUSH, PULL, CARRY, DRAG, CLIMB & likely more stuff that we won’t disclose on this page.

The whole Competition will span most of these. The only element we will not be doing in the 2022 Shipston Games will be fighting. We save that for our Winter Fight Nights

During the registration process, as the buyer of the team, you will become the team captain.
After registering your own personal information and creating a team, you will make payment for the team and submit your teammates’ information.

Once you have confirmed your team and made the payment, your teammate will be sent an invitation for them to use to register their personal information individually for the relevant event. The only thing you will need to submit on their behalf is their email address. You will need a team name at the point of registration.
Your team will be emailed out within 72 hours.

Once this box has been checked, you’ll set up your team’s Just Giving Page and start raising money for your charity.

See an example of what some of our competitors raised back in December for our Charity Fight Night. Toby, Mark, Jack.





We will advise participants on training for the games but the exact activities involved will not be released until days before the competition.