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Loyd Grossman CBE

Marc Edwards


Client vs Trainer


I’m a coach that believes martial arts should form part of everybody’s training. Regardless of competitiveness and the worry of hitting someone, there’s a discipline and elegance in learning these martial skills. All of my clients hit the pads at some point during our sessions and then I had an idea of wondering which client would win against another…. and here we are!

Loyd and I have been working together for little over a year and boxing since we’ve been allowed to, post COVID restrictions.
Given such restrictive circumstances over the past 18 months, we feel that many people’s health has been put to the test and potentially suffered, not only physically, but mentally. Loyd and I have dually agreed on our match raising money for Mental Health.
The Mental Health Foundation have multiple proactive campaigns and free resources for many issues surrounding Mental Health such as, but not limited to; loneliness, body image,  eating disorders, depression, anxiety, suicide prevention and dealing with the effects of covid 19.
They’re proactive in research & development. Addressing fundamental causes in Mental Health and trying to put measures in place for people before things spiral out of control.
Looking inwards, we’ve all had our total health put to the test. Please help us to raise awareness of the causes of mental health so that we can help others.







Ed is Chief Executive and one of the founders of Old Gold Racing, a company that gives you the experience of owning a real racehorse for a fraction of the normal price, £60 per year.

Old Gold Racing has 11 horses in training,  all of whom when performing on the racecourse are followed by a fleet of ambulances. This is because being a jockey, particularly a jump jockey, is an incredibly dangerous job: a jump jockey will take a tumble once every 16 rides and will be injured once in 83 rides; about one in five falls results in injury. 

For this reason, Ed has chosen the Injured Jockeys Fund as his charity in the hope of giving back a little to those who put themselves in danger for others’ entertainment and livelihoods.



… is a grown man and should know better.

Peter is a former British diplomat and now advises companies on international political risk.

When not working or travelling he is a keen player of real tennis at Moreton Morrell Tennis Court Club, and during lockdown walked 100km over two days to raise money for Parkinson’s UK. He has never boxed in his life, nor even had a fight. He’s used the last two years, and worked with Marc, to try to get fitter and come out of lockdown better than when he went in.

Peter chose Parkinson’s UK as his charity because: “my Dad had it and it’s a horrible disease that can hit anyone, anywhere. They’re very close to a cure and this is one of those situations where a small amount more money may just make all the difference.”




THE PRINTER, the wrong side of 50 who should know better, but can’t say NO… I’m keen to prove that age is not a barrier to fitness. 

Grew up locally in the Hook Norton / Chipping Norton vicinity. Moved to Shipston in 1988 and ended up staying.

After some 25yrs of playing football at a reasonable standard I needed something to channel my energy and competitiveness. My main sport these days is cycling, and I complete circa 6,000 miles & 300,000ft of ascent per year in support of my circuit bike racing ambitions. I compete via British Cycling organised events and enjoy the full gas exploits over the course of an hours racing. I have never been involved in any kind of physical fight other than the general competitiveness of sport and feel very out of my comfort zone taking this challenge on. That said I will give the challenge 100% as that is very much my work ethic either in a sport or commercial capacity and hope to survive to tell the tale.. 

My charity of choice is Cyclists Fighting Cancer who are based very locally in Alderminster who help children and young people living with cancer across the UK regain their physical fitness, strength, mental wellness and confidence by giving them new bikes, specially adapted trikes, tandems, other equipment and support.




Paul Harrison has over 20 years’ global work experience in environmental conservation, including time in the UN, with a special interest in Tanzania, East Africa which he considers a second home.

His charity of choice to support through this training and boxing experience is The Tanzania Development Trust.  A registered UK charity (charity number 270462) that has funded development projects within Tanzania since 1975.

All the staff are volunteers which means 100% of donations go the field.



Tom Rice, moved to Shipston just over a year ago from Leicester. 

“As I am getting older i’m trying to do more of the things i have always wanted to do but made excuses for!”
Ella & I have been training with Marc since September & we really love the sessions. Ellas getting worryingly good at kicks 🙂 

When i’m not getting punched in the face i like to get out with our dog Scout – one of the reasons we moved here was because of the amount of great walks in the area. 

I love tennis & football & the odd pint in one Shipstons many pubs with Scout (sometimes Ella) 
The charity i am raising money for is the Costa foundation – they set up schools & to date have given access to 90,000 students. Any small contribution i can make will go towards textbooks, a computer or sports equipment which i think is a small price to pay for getting punched in the face. 




Sometimes life doesn’t go quite how you planned it, and some things are out of your control.  I’ve been through my own experiences which were not how I’d planned.  I’ve had to deal with circumstances I never even dreamed of being in.  This really made me assess how to take on those challenging situations.  To cut a long story short I very much go by the “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” – you never know what’s around the corner.

During 2020, amidst lockdown, work, home schooling, I made time to focus on my health and wellbeing, and as part of that last year I completed the Pinkbelt course https://www.pinkbeltkickboxing.com  The programme
uses Kickboxing as an empowerment journey –  I loved the course and learned new skills…Boxing is not something I ever really thought I’d get into but I really enjoy the training.  I have quickly learned training and fighting are two very different things! This is out of my comfort zone but I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

So we’re on! the event is booked, I’m doing the training and I’m on the fight card!!! 

By doing this event I am hoping to raise money for SAFELINE, an amazing charity working to support, protect and empower people affected by, or at risk of sexual abuse and rape. I hope to give them strength while finding mine!





Born & Raised a local boy and in a moment of insanity, I have agreed that in December I will take part in a charity fight night, competing in a boxing match (Heaven help me!!!).

In return for subjecting myself to three dreadful rounds of another grown man publicly doing his utmost to punch my face in, I expect HUGE GENEROSITY from all my friends… and even more from the ones who dislike me. Please donate everything you are able to this incredibly worthy charity on behalf of the bravest man I know, Freddie Croft.

Please visit here for Freddie’s story.





Shipston through and through. Patrick is a local plumber who’s played football for Shipston, rugby for Shipston, played tennis for Shipston and now wants to fight for Shipston.

“I’ve always had a vested interest in Martial Arts, I began training with Marc for Kickboxing tuition in 2020.”

“I’m raising money for Shipston Home Nursing by stepping into the boxing ring this December with Shipston Personal Training.”



Jack lives over a hundred miles from Shipston on Stour and is not entirely sure how he finds himself in this mess.

He worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years which is as boring as it sounds, but he’s hoping the grit and determination that got him through that will be of some use in the ring.

His days of active participation in most sports are very many years behind him but he considers himself an elite spectator.

Jack chose mental health charity Mind to fight for because: “I’ve seen a number of friends and family suffer incredibly over the last couple of years from a range of illnesses that remain poorly understood and to some extent stigmatised.  Mind do phenomenal work in raising awareness of these illnesses and supporting those suffering from them.”



Hi I am Natalie Alexander the founder of NMA Fitness. As a professional Fitness Trainer, my passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. I work solely with equestrians who are looking to improve their performance in the saddle.

Working with Shipston Personal Trainng has allowed me to expand my working demographic and get involved with another side of my fitness, Martial Arts & Boxing.


There will be live music on the night from local band,

Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast.

Seamlessly blending genres from

Funk & Soul to Rock ‘n Roll.



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